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LAB Meeting

I am excited to remind you that tomorrow is our first meeting of the year. We are finally getting started again.

We will be discussing how to deal with mommy frumpiness and how to feel better about ourselves. It can be hard as moms to find the time and energy to take care of ourselves. If you are like me, often I look in the mirror and end up feeling discouraged. In our meeting, I will be giving simple tips on how to avoid that. Of course, I will not be suggesting spending hours getting ready or making yourself up like a beauty queen. Who has time for that?

We (I) would love to have you at the meeting. Even if you don’t feel frumpy but just want to come out and socialize, please join us. You can always come because you feel sorry for me and don’t want me to be sitting there alone. 🙂 Of course, you can always come for snacks! Please feel free to bring your kiddos and support persons if you like.

Come when you can, and leave when you have to. We are meeting from 7 -9 pm, but you don’t have to be on time, and you can certainly leave early.

I can’t wait to see you again and find out how things are going for you.

Have a blessed day!


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Below are some thoughts from LJ. Right now she is very busy, which we can all relate to. For me in reading this, the cool part is seeing how LJ is handling all this busyness. Like many others, myself included, LJ has suffered from PPD, and before might not have been able to handle all this.  It is a blessing to see a friend be well and be able to handle the chaos of life. If reading this makes your head spin or makes you wonder if you will ever be there, know that you too will get better and will be able to handle the busyness of life.

Here are LJ’s thoughts:

There is an old saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.  I don’t think I ever really understood what it meant until this week. 


Being  a mom of a 4year old preschooler, and a 2year old I have recently become a taxi mommy, driving to and from school, stopping along the way to run errands- I have the kids already in the car, I might as well get something done!   I have forgotten how easy it is to get something done when you only have to tote one child into the store with you.  M and I have come to really enjoy our trips to the store- not really shopping, just looking at all of the fun things.  He tells me stories while we shop, and points out colors and letters as he sees them- so I guess while big brother is in preschool, M is learning too!


I have been spinning myself in circles trying to get things done for the fundraiser I working on for MomsBloom.  Yet yesterday, amidst all of the phone calls, e-mails and whatnot I managed to clean my kitchen, do 3 – yes THREE loads of laundry, vacuum, and even spend some good quality time reading to my kids.


Most days I am lucky to get a meal on the table, let alone clear the table or get the dishes done- and laundry- I usually end up waiting until my husband starts it before I accept the fact that it has to be done- shhh don’t tell!  And I can’t even remember the last time I got feel like I actually accomplished something!


I love making my “Things I’ve done today” list- it is so much less overwhelming, and much more rewarding than a “to do” list.   I am able to take the time to enjoy the little things like splashing in the puddles in the parking lot, or finding the 10th red dot at our favorite store and not have to worry about things I think I HAVE to get done that day.

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