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Because what I do all day doesn’t affirm me in the form of a paycheck, a thank-you, a ‘nice job’, or any other form of accolade, I am obnoxiously bragging about myself to try to overtly seek your affirmation and encouragement that I am indeed good…no great, at what I do all day. Which, to me, never seems like enough as the list for tomorrow always seems longer than the list for today.

Take today, for example. Just an average Wednesday.

  • Feed and dress myself and girls
  • Get myself, girls, and Jell-O chiffon to church in time to work in the nursery
  • Change myriad diapers, feed babies bottles, rock, hug, play with, and wipe noses of said babies
  • Eat lunch at kiddie-tables 6 inches off the ground with other nursery workers and their kids
  • Get 3 kids and leftover Jell-O chiffon packed into van and drop Liam off at preschool on time
  • Get check cashed at the bank–2 lollies for 2 lil’ girls
  • Grocery shop with 2 very tired and cranky little girls
  • Go to library to pick up ‘Northanger Abbey’ video
  • Get home, unpack groceries, put Jell-O chiffon in fridge, change Addi’s diaper, change into work clothes, change Elli into play clothes
  • Rake 3 bags of leaves from our front yard
  • Pick up doggy-doo in back yard
  • Hard boil eggs for dinner
  • Fold basket of laundry and put away
  • Put girls in van to go pick Liam up from preschool
  • Chat with preppy moms despite wearing Champion shorts from high school and “day of the African child” t-shirt and purple Crocs
  • 3 kids buckled in van and brought home
  • Use leaf blower to clean out garage and clear leaves from front lawn
  • Mow front lawn
  • Chop vegetables, cheese, eggs, and make amazing salad-bar for dinner, thaw homemade cinnamon raisin bread
  • Eat dinner, clean up, run dishwasher, eat 4 pieces of Russel Stover dark chocolate candies
  • Miss meeting I should have been at b/c Dan has a church meeting that trumps me (grrrr)
  • Move sprinkler that is watering front lawn
  • Bathe 3 children
  • Start laundry
  • Brush kids’ teeth
  • Turn off sprinkler
  • Read kid books
  • Tuck kids into bed
  • Empty dishwasher and clean kitchen
  • Call ICR and get in-home taste-test
  • Send out prayerlink e-mail, e-mail future-sis-in-law’s sister to see if we can combine personal shower/bachelorette shower rather than duplicating effort, e-mail Diane re: LAB this week
  • Make this list
  • Wind up sprinkler hose
  • Put clothes in dryer
  • Go to bathroom, shower and change in to PJ’s, read book and probably faint dead away until tomorrow when the list starts all over again with a vengeance

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