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Because it’s still a little too fresh and it’s hard for me to type when my eyes are full of tears, I defer to Dan, who so succintly and sweetly portrays a major life event for us last week.

Today was a really hard day. As much as I fought it, the time had come to finally let Encore go. His hips were giving him such trouble. He was irritable and definitely in pain.

Encore was my first dog. He got his name because when we first met him he kept howling like a rock star who deserved a double encore like the Rolling Stones. He didn’t disappoint. As many of you can attest, he was never one to back down from barking or letting you know that he was there. He was a sweet dog who loved everyone and expected the same in return. And during my first battle with depression/anxiety I spent many a night on the living room floor curled up next to him. He was always the most comforting when you needed it. I will miss him. In fact, every time a car has driven past this evening, I keep waiting to hear Encore let them know who’s boss on this street.

Taking him to the Humane Society was one of THE hardest things that I’ve ever had to do in my life. I’d been doing OK, trying to ignore the fact that I was hurting inside. But as Liam was saying goodbye to him, I grabbed the leash for the last time. I noticed that Liam started to fill up. And in a moment, I completely lost it. I was literally sobbing against the garage door so hard that Jenna simultaneously gave me a handful of tissues and took the leash to get Encore. I finally got myself together and took him out to the Kent County Humane Society.

I have to say that as hard as this was, the staff at the Humane Society were some of the nicest, most caring people I’d ever seen. They were wonderful as they walked me through everything asking great questions and completely respecting Encore. I’ve actually been saying my good-byes for the last few months, but as I left, I just kissed him on the head and headed out to the car as fast as I could to listen to Jon Foreman who I knew would sympathize with me as I drove away.

I know we did the right thing, but still we’re all just a little bit heartbroken tonight…



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