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A Comical Moment

by Diane

Have you ever heard of “mobile phone dermatitis”? Apparently, some people have developed rashes after spending too much time on their cell phones. This is according to an article that was posted on my Yahoo home page. If you want to read more, follow this link:


When I read this, I just laughed. How much time does a person have to spend on a cell phone to develop an allergic reaction? I can’t even imagine. Maybe the person who posted this felt we all needed some comic relief from the stresses of life. Well, it worked for me.

Whether it’s reading about cell-phone-induced rashes, laughing at something your children did, or reading a chapter in a good book, be sure to take time out today to stop and enjoy the moment.

Have a blessed day!


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Many of you have heard of the organization MomsBloom, which offers free services to families with new babies. The leaders of MomsBloom are looking to raise awareness about postpartum depression with a fundraiser march at Metro Health Village on Oct 25. Pre-registration goes until tomorrow, but you can register all the way up until the day of the event. 

Please consider participating. Because PPD affects so many women, it is very likely that someone you know has or will suffer. Education is key to getting support to hurting families.  Here is a brief description of the event.:

Please join us for the “Out Came the Sun” March to raise awareness of Postpartum Depression

When: Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where: Frog Hollow Park in Metro Health Village

Time: 10:00 am (check-in begins at 9:30 am)

Why we need you: Approximately 400,000 women each year suffer from a serious postpartum illness, men can suffer from the illness as well. This is not just a family issue, it’s a community issue and it deserves more attention. Together we can make sure families get the support they need.

Featured Speaker: Nancy Roberts, RN, a registered nurse at Spectrum Health Butterworth Campus’ obstetrics department and West Michigan’s representative for Postpartum Support International.

$15 pre-registration (t-shirt guaranteed)
$20 registration on the day of the event

Family Friendly Event – Refreshments provided

Registration forms and additional information at:MomsBloom.org or call 616-828-1021.

A BIG thank you to our sponsors:
baby beloved, inc.
Jeff Tow Creative
MBK Promotions
Metro Health Hospital
Miracles Photography
Spectrum Health
Wilcox Chiropractic
Wyoming Parks and Rec

We hope to see you there!


This is a stroller-friendly event! Check out this link for more information http://www.momsbloom.org/outcamethesun/

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by Diane

The official definition of toddler, according to Merriam-Webster Online is “one that toddles.”  Toddle refers to sauntering, which means to “walk about in an idle or leisurely manner.” I think the word idle is key. Toddlers do not move quickly, unless of course it is to avoid some parentally imposed task like getting dressed.

We all know this, right?

Knowing it and being able to deal with it are completely different. I have observed this idle sauntering and experienced it long before I became a mother. It’s funny how it is so much easier to be patient with someone else’s dawdling toddler and how it is even cute. When you get your own toddler and are trying to manage the “simple” task of walking out the door, this slow sauntering is anything but cute.

Here is a classic scenario for me. Wednesday night, I decided to go to the grocery store. I did not want to do this, but we were out of food to the point that not going would be more complicated. Ashlyn and I finished dinner a little after 6 pm, which means that we should be able to leave the house well before 7. This “reasonable” calculation does not figure in the Ashlyn factor. Sadly, I looked at the clock and figured that we would be leaving about 7. We headed upstairs for the bathroom about 6:30 so that Ashlyn could take care of business. We spent a maddening 35 minutes or so in the bathroom. She did her duty, so to speak, after multiple rounds of reading the same books, going potty, washing her hands, and then finding she needed to do it all over again.

Don’t get me wrong. Ashlyn did great. She is using the potty well, and since she is still learning, I can’t expect her to be a pro. However, after spending what seemed like countless hours in the bathroom already that day, one more half hour finished off my patience.

It is difficult to be patient with a slow-moving child when I have stuff to be done. So, I have to ask myself what is more important, Ashlyn using the potty or my getting to the grocery store a half hour earlier. I don’t think I should abandon my goals, but I am not going to spend all day in the bathroom reading the same books either. Balance is key but is most difficult to achieve. I think I definitely need to keep encouraging Ashlyn as she learns “big girl” things but that I also need to distance myself a little when I am losing patience. For instance, I have told her that I can’t read to her right now and have given her something else to do while she is sitting on the potty.

Also, praying for patience is a big help. Wednesday night, when I was at the end of my rope, I prayed for God’s strength and patience because I don’t want Ashlyn to bear the brunt of my own imperfections. Amazingly, after we got home, before I had to take her potty one more time, she began to stack the yogurt cups. Now, this is not monumental by any means, but it was sweet enough and cute enough for me to lose my edge and enjoy my daughter, so I felt that moment was indeed an answer to prayer.

The other key for me to remember is that this time is so short. Ashlyn is almost 2, and while this stage involves slow sauntering, it certainly also has many moments of sweetness and cuteness exclusive to this period in her life. If I wish these days away, I will be missing a lot of treasurable moments.

The next time I start to become impatient, I will take a deep breath, try to take some kind of break, and remember what a gift I have in the many moments with my girl.

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